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Parish Family Night

“Parish Family Night & Feast Appreciation Dinner” on 16 Nov. 2019 at SMCC Hall. Mass at 6.30pm and followed by Dinner.  Kindly register with your respective BEC/Ministry/parish office.

Formasi bagi Guru Sekolah Minggu

Sesi  : Formasi Bagi Guru Sekolah Minggu   Tarikh  : 23 November 2019 (Sabtu) Jam      :8.00pg Hingga 5ptg Tempat  :Pusat Pastoral Keuskupan (APC,KL) Tarikh tutup pendaftaran dan pemulangan borang penyertaan untuk sesi program ini adalah pada 10 November 2019.


Baptised and Sent with Joy To Heal Date: Saturday – 30 Nov. 2019 Venue: Church of St. Theresa, Nilai Time: 9.00am-5.30pm followed by Mass at 6.00pm celebrated by His Grace Archbishop Julian Leow. There will be a love offering of RM10. For further details and information kindly contact Ms Betty Leong.