BEC Activity – Month of February 2018

1. Friendly visit to Mdm Mary Vincent’s house (senior Bec Member) in Taman Selat Damai with few BEC members on Sunday night 18th of February. Had a casual chat and small prayer followed by light refreshment and of course with Mandarin oranges during this CNY festive season. 🙂



















2. Visiting a home-bound sick member of the BEC, Mdm Annamah (Age 91) in her home at Tmn Kota Pendamar on Sunday 25th Feb, she is sick due to her old age…Communion being administered to her every Sunday at her home. She’s being taking cared by her daughter Mrs.Elizabeth for the past 6 six years when her mother (Mdm.Annamah moved to her house from Brickfields. The family members are glad and thankful for the BEC’s members visit and concern. We continue to keep Mdm.Annamah in our prayer for the good health of mind and body.