Sunday School Float Project for Infant Jesus Feast

7th February 2015

A special day for the St. Anne Sunday School for the students, teachers and even parents. Is a day that we as the parishioners of St. Anne’s to be proud of our children.

We were invited by Fr. Edwin Paul to join them for the Feast of Infant Jesus in Kuala Selangor and participated to create a float for the Feast procession. The rule was it must be made of recycle items and children’s work. We were informed 2 weeks in advanced before the feast and we the teachers took up the challenge and work together with our children. The theme we chose was “Noah’s Ark”.

Watching the children from the age of 4 to 17 with close supervision of the respective catechist, working on this project gives me great joy! With God’s given talents and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit a work of art of creativity was created. Just in 3 days they have put their heart and soul into this float. The outcome was amazing! Along the way, we encountered challenges which was overcome easily through our prayers to Infant Jesus.

On the Feast Day, we took some of the children and teachers to put up the float together. Bearing the hot weather, they were determined to do this float to spread the Good News. The time has come for the floats to roll out! We started the genset the lights came on and the people was in awe. From my observation, our float was the only float where all of our children’s work was part of it.

God has bless us with a wonderful weather and we drove together with the procession! One of the parishioners of Infant Jesus was also in awe and said this was the best float ever to be part of the procession because it represented the children of the St Anne Catechetical Ministry.

The experience was just simply amazing!

Written by: Ivan Vincent








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