Parish Vocation Promotion Team (PVAT)


God calls ALL of us to love Him, serve Him and be happy with Him through our vocations.

Every Christian person has a vocation. The word ‘vocation’ comes from the Latin verb vocare, (to summon or to call) or from the noun vox (voice). It is God’s unique invitation to individuals to freely respond to the way of the Gospel. All of us are called to a vocation, be it married, single, priesthood or religious life.PVAT exists to serve the parish in all matters related to vocations, particularly to the priesthood and religious life. It seeks to create an awareness of Church vocations among people who are discerning God’s will in their lives.Many people are not clear of their vocation/direction in life – Is it marriage, single life, priesthood or religious life?

Christ’s call to “come, follow me” continues to inspire many men and women to give themselves totally to God.

It is a call to total self-giving for Christ and His Church. To dedicate oneself wholly to the service of God and work “in His vineyard”, leaving everything for love of Him is a truly beautiful act, if it is the one you are called.

PVAT will journey with individuals who are discerning their state of life. We are here to provide information and assistance. The logo speaks of the purpose of the Team; to support and nurture the person in his/her vocation. We will organize weekends for prayer and discernment if you contact us.

You can contact us at : 03 – 3168 8530 / 016 – 693 3750

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