Infant Baptism

Next infant Baptism : Sunday 12th August  2018. Pre-baptism instruction for Parents and God-parents  Saturday: 4  August 2018 at 4.00pm.

CMPC Weekends

Catholic Marriage Preparation Course   in English. Date: 03 June 2018       Closing Date:  27 May 2018  Venue: Church of OLL, Klang    Registration forms are available at the Parish Office. Kindly submit your completed forms to the Church of Holy Redeemer, Klang before the closing date to avoid disappointment.  


ASSISTANCE AT THE CELEBRATION OF MASS 21/07/2018 7.30pm   Youth 22/07/2018 8.30am   Catechetical Ministry 22/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. Faustina 23/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. Anne 24/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. St. John 25/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. Gabriel 26/07/2018 10.00am BEC Padre Pio 26/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. Joachim 27/07/2018 10.00am   Liturgical Team 27/07/2018 7.30pm BEC St. […]